Training Requirements for initial certification and continuing certification.

Programs are required to document with at least two training certificates verifying 16 hours of training within the 12-month period preceding the application for certification or continuing certification—one certificate for a board member and one certificate for a coordinator (campus programs may provide a certificate for a school sponsor in lieu of a coordinator). Programs with executive directors must also provide a certificate for the executive director. The Texas Crime Stoppers Council provides training at basic courses, one-day courses, annual conferences, and on-line courses.

Only training provided by the Texas Crime Stoppers may be used to satisfy the training requirement. Crime Stoppers organizations may use the following training to meet the 16-hour training requirement.

  1. Taking either of the 16-hour basic or basic campus course; or,
  2. Using eight or 16 hours of training at either of the Texas Crime Stoppers annual conferences; or,
  3. Using combinations of trainings that add up to the 16-hour requirement such as an 8-hour one-day training and 8 hours of conference training.

Online Crime Stoppers training is no longer available. Texas Crime Stoppers is in the process of developing an online course, so the training options listed above are the only means of obtaining needed credit hours for certification and continued certification.